Getting Here

First of all, Sundance Campground is located on  the west side of  US Hwy. 2.  just past mile post 147.   If your GPS suggests that you leave highway 2 and go up some side road, don’t believe it.

Traveling Westbound on  I -90  you can save about 70 miles by avoiding Missoula.   About 10 miles West of Deer Lodge Exit  I -90 at Garrison and go     East on US 12 to Avon                                                                                                    Turn left onto Hwy. 141  go North to Hwy. 200                                                         Turn left and go West to Hwy. 83                                                                         Turn Right go North to Bigfork (aprox. 100 miles)                                                   Turn Right onto Hwy. 35 go North to Hwy. 206                                                        Turn Right go North to Hwy. 2 Turn right go to mile post 147                               We’re just ahead on the Right

Traveling Eastbound on I-90                      Take Exit 33 at  Saint Regis  go north on Hwy. 135 to Hwy. 200                                                                                                     Turn Left go West to Plains                                                                                             Turn Right onto Hwy. 28  go North to Hwy. 93                                                                                                                                             Turn Left  go to  Kalispell                                                                                                       Turn Right onto Hwy. 2    go East to Mile post 147                                                   We’re just ahead on the right.

Traveling Northbound on US 93 from Missoula   If you need to go to Kalispell stay on 93.  If not, I suggest turning onto Hwy. 35 at Polson.   The road is smaller and the speed limit is less than 93, but there is less traffic, it’s shorter and there are fewer hills.      Take Hwy. 35  North aprox. 50 miles    Turn Right onto Hwy. 206  go North to Hwy. 2  Turn Right  go to Mile post 147     We’re just ahead on the right.

Traveling Southbound on US 93     Just South of Whitefish Turn Left onto Hwy. 40 Go East to Hwy.2    Go straight at junction   Head East to Mile post 147